The Green Machine Probiotic Dispersion System

Air Purification reinvented

Increased protection from indoor irritants floating in the air and that reside on surface

Effective and long-lasting residual cleaning of organic matters in the air and on surfaces

Bad odor control and and management via continuous probiotic misting

100% Natural,  chemical-free & environmentally friendly

What is the Best Air Purifier?

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Case Study: 373% Improvement in home air quality.



30 percent of adults and 40 percent of children suffer from allergies and asthma and spend $17.5 billion on health costs annually. -Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America

15.7 million Americans have been diagnosed with COPD.


Indoor air pollutant levels average 75% higher than outdoor levels. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors.


It is recommended to clean air ducts once a year. Air duct cleaning ranges in cost From $450 to $1,000



The Green Machine Probiotic Dispersion System

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If certain bacteria do instigate cancer, the finding could lead to new screening methods or treatments
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Particle Air Cleaning and Allergies and Asthma

Many studies have experimentally investigated whether use of particle air cleaning systems, often called particle filtration systems, in homes reduces self-reported symptoms of allergies or asthma, or improves related objectively-measured signs of health, such as forced expiratory volume (a measure of lung function) or biomarkers of inflammation, in people who are allergic or asthmatic.

Evidence for Broad-Spectrum Biofilm Inhibition by the Bacterium Bacillus sp. Strain SW9

We isolated a Bacillus sp. strain that could display broad-spectrum biofilm inhibition. The broad biofilm prevention could be achieved mainly by direct contact between inhibitor and target cells or was accompanied by an interaction with secreted inhibitory compounds.

Could probiotics be the next big thing in acne and rosacea treatments

In recent years, probiotics have become synonymous with helping maintain good digestive health. Whether as live active cultures found in some yogurts or as daily supplements, probiotics are live, “friendly” bacteria that may benefit a person’s health. Now, emerging research is finding that the benefits of probiotics may extend beyond the digestive tract to the skin.

Here’s Why Amish Kids Don’t Get Asthma as Often

You’re probably less likely to see an Amish kid carrying around an inhaler, because they don’t seem to get asthma as often as other kids—and researchers think it’s due to the cows, Live Science reports. In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, University of Chicago genetics professor Carole Ober and her team wanted to see why kids raised Amish-style seem to benefit from extra immunity against the disease..